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This penthouse is well known as Lycabettus Penthouse around people. The Architects was an Athenian. Ese studio has been very well to design this kind of beautiful home. The penthouse design follows natural and simple concept. Even though the penthouse material is not dominated by wood, this penthouse still looks natural by the utilization of earthy colors to its interior design.

Wooden material is only used for the laminate flooring design and some furniture. The Lycabettus Penthouse is composed by some spaces. There are living room, lounge, bedroom, bathroom, and workspace. Most unique design in this penthouse is the bedroom and the lounge. So, we will tell you a little bit more about the bedroom and the lounge. The bedroom has Japanese minimalist design bedroom. It just contains few bedroom appliances. Just like the Japanese style, this bedroom uses futon rather than bed. The futon is placed a little bit high than the other bedroom furniture by placing some stairs below the futon. The floating shelf and end table that placed near from the futon is used for putting fancy decoration to this room. This room uses sloping ceiling and bay window for the bedroom interior design. The lounge design is simple. It also uses minimalist design. The lounge is not just equipped with cozy fabric sofas and flat TV. It is also equipped with fireplace, floating shelf with some books, fancy stuffs, and DVDs, and rocking chair. This penthouse is bright because it uses floor-to-ceiling windows and glass sliding doors.

Even though the Architects of this penthouse are not Japanese, this Japanese Style Penthouse Design is beautiful. We recommend you to get this penthouse or use the design for your own penthouse.

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