An Elegant Design of Living Room

Elegant Dining Room Dining Table Chair Sofa Fur Rug Cushion Ideas

As we know, one of the important things in home is the living room, a gathering place for all family members. The living room itself must give comfort to all family members so they can stay longer at home. So it is also important for us to give our best shot in this part. One of my favorite living room designs is living room in Departamento en Torres del Faro.

Envisioned by vEstudio Arquitectura, the living room offers wonderful and elegant view. Departamento en Torres del Faro offers two design of living room. The first one offer living room interior design that dominated by grey. The second one offer living room interior design that dominated by brown. Both is placed on the corner of the spaces with the dining space is in the middle of space. The living room does not use floor-to-ceiling windows, but it uses floor-to-ceiling curtains instead. The wall is colored by white, in contrast with the floors that is used black ceramic tiles. Both living rooms furniture are arranged well with good placing. The fabric sofas and poufs are placed on living room nook. The living room floors are covered by soft fur rug for keeping our feet warm. One of the living rooms is equipped with unique shelf design, sofa bed, and lounge chairs. This furniture design makes living room looks so comfortable. Even though the layout is quite different between those two living rooms, but the elegant impression still radiates.

If you have big family members, you can use this kind of living room design idea for your living room. The living room design will make all of your family members feel comfortable and stand at home longer.

Elegant Dining Room Painting Pendant Lamp Dining Table Chair Design

Elegant Living Room Fur Rug Sofa Cushion Marble Floor Ideas

Elegant Living Room Fur Rug Sofa Cushion Pendant Lamp Table Marble Floor Ideas

Elegant Living Room Fur Rug Sofa Cushion Shelf Marble Floor Design

Elegant Living Room Marble Floor Sofa Cushion Fur Rug Ideas

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