AP 1211 in Brazil by Alan Chu

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AP 1211 is a dream home that designed by Alan Chu. This apartment is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The apartment measures 36 square meters or equivalent with 388 square feet. The apartment design idea is to use single element to organize the space of small apartment. The apartment is not large enough, but it is cozy with freshness detail and hip style. The apartment interior is design with colorful interiors so that it makes the apartment looks like giving a youthful experience and unpretentious atmosphere.

AP 1211: Eccentric Apartment Design

AP 1211 is a small apartment composed by two floors. This apartment is well known for its unique decoration; there are the crates. The crates in this apartment have several functions. There are for pantry, kitchen, living room, closet, and for the staircase decoration. The staircase is designed contrast with the other interior. It uses metal materials that is dark and designed with cylindrical interior. The living room features sofa bed, pouf, and coffee table with the red carpet covers concrete floor. The apartment wall is design with the elegant brick structure and the apartment ceiling is designed with wood ceiling. With the using of brick and wood element for the interior, the apartment serves a view of the beauty of simplicity.

AP 1211: When Hip Style Implemented in Apartment

Alan Chu has been success to bring hip style for this apartment. Alan Chu design idea in this apartment is a creative design idea for the dream home. As we look the simplicity of this apartment, this apartment seems like suitable for recently divorced businessman that wants to refresh his mind.

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