Artistic Holiday Retreat in Villa Sapi, Lombok, Indonesia

Elegant Villa Back Yard Design

Envisioned by David Lombardi, a Canadian Architect, Villa Sapi Design in Lombok, Indonesia has been attracted many people. With tropical atmosphere and scenic landscape, Villa Sapi is one of the best holiday destinations. Villa Sapi is designed with traditional style. It uses grass-roof design for most of its buildings. Some part of the Villa is surrounded by water that it comes from pool and fishpond. The white sand is decorated the villa front yard. The natural sensation in this villa is exquisite.

Villa Sapi in Lombok: Architectural Design

The Architectural Design of Villa Sapi is really fantastic. The outdoor design is composed by main pool, pool decks, and garden. The main pool is placed along the line between main house and beach. On the poolside, it is put lounge chairs for sunbathing. The interior villa design is a composition of red, lime-green, and black. The villa has good design since it uses sloping ceiling and elegant design laminate flooring. The villa serves many features, such as social zone (living room, kitchen, and dining room), five bedrooms, study room, home theatre, and massage room. The Villa Sapi is filled by chic furniture design. The bedroom design is so artistic with the presence of many artistic decorations. The bedroom is equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows that allow us to enjoying scenic landscape.

Villa Sapi in Lombok, Indonesia

Villa Sapi in Lombok combines both of artistic and luxurious design. Now, if you are interested and want to know more please look at this Lombok Villa Sapi photos below and call for the reservation.

Elegant Villa Front View Design

Fishpond Villa Back View Design

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