Artistic House that Makes You Feel Like in another Space

Small White Kitchen Design With Black Table For Accent

Lara Rios is not the ordinary house; it is an artistic house with contemporary design concept. If you see the house for the first time, maybe you would think that it is not a house. Lara Rios is not only a house because you can say it is a villa or art workshop. The design is so stunning and unbelievable that makes you feel like you are in another space.

Look at the exterior side of Lara Rios and you will find an asymmetrical house design dominated with white color. This house has spacious backyard, even you can climb to the rooftop and find another ‘backyard’. Lara Rios is unique but simple and that is why you will amaze when you see another backyard on the rooftop of the house. Now, let us see the interior design of this artistic house concept.

Step inside and you can find a large room in white color. You never know where the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen room, and so on, because you only see a spacious room without the divider. The house is bright in the day due to super size glass windows on the rooftop. The glass window on the rooftop makes this house looks different and unique. If you step inside, you will see an atelier space with a black table. You can see the wooden rack hanging on the wall of the atelier, just right in front of the black table.

You will never think how unique the house is until you see it by yourself. You can enjoy the spacious room in this house. This house is perfect for you who have the passion in art. You can say this house as an integrated house of guest room, atelier, garage, and a house. Lara Rios is the real artistic house idea that ever made.

The Night Facade With The Car Park

The Window For The Sun Reflector In White Color Interior

White House Interior With High Up Window For Maximum Sun Exposure

Wooden Cabinet For Interior Decor

Asymmetrical Ceiling Design And Glass Material For Bright Interior

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