Astonishing Contemporary Interior Design with Sleek and Clean Lines

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If looking at first sight of this beautiful home, you might wonder what kind of contemporary interior design this house has. That is a common curiosity because the house is already looking amazing from the outside. Located in the land of nearly 350 meter square, the house looks majestic and is surrounding with beautiful environment. Not only beautiful but the house also functional and is concern about the disabled since you can see the slanted entrance that obviously can be used for wheel chairs.

Entering the house you will be welcoming with massive glass use of floor to ceiling glass windows. It cause spacious ambience that gives clear and bright sighting. The playful contemporary interior design feels throughout the house. In the contemporary living room you can see the tall ceiling with long chandelier gives elegant impression but the appearance of contemporary furniture give you something more. Black sofa is combined with orange sofa. When it is not attractive enough, the cow sculpture with eyes pattern is look quirky. And the flowers sculpture along one side of the will complete the entire room decor.

Spiral stairs that connect the lower floor to the second floor look amazing and charming. You do not have to be afraid of falling down since the use of hand railing is quite sturdy. The white interior wall gives fresh and clean ambience which also strengthens by the use of contemporary furniture.

Since the house is quite spacious you can find that some part of the house is separated and not using open floor house plan. The wooden kitchen cabinet looks super cool and sleek without any handle shown off. The minimalist dining room also looks very neat and clean without more embellishment. You can find long rectangular wooden dining table is completed with clear acrylic dining chairs. For entertainment room, you will be pleased to see and feel the instant coziness once you get there. Playful contemporary interior design ideas are fit very well in this house.

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