Awesome Simple Architecture in Contemporary Home Decoration

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The contemporary touch is seen in simple architecture that is applied in Aldeia House. It has the complete design that is located in Brazilian state in where you would be able to get the perfect architecture space. It has the elegant decoration with the Brazilian architecture in its space. It can become one of the great design of the house with the modern decoration all the way. It is one of the best solutions to those who are willing to have the modern house with the contemporary space.

Here I have some pictures that show about the home with simple architecture. It is located in the big city of Brazil in where you would enjoy the contemporary decoration with the stunning model of decoration. It has the singular model of decoration with the beautiful space that is indeed stunning. There is also the beautiful lake with the privacy sense that has used the natural slope as well. You can now enjoy this place for your holiday.

The elegant decoration is seen here with the privacy sense that is soft. It has the stunning protection from the sun. The front facade has the minimalist sense with the beautiful landscape in where you would have the aluminum doors element. This is one of the most elegant designs of the simple architecture with the modern decoration. Then, you can now enjoy this modern design with the vertical plan space.

There is also the motorized element of the roller with the curtain element. It would make the intimacy moment for your decoration of the space. Many people are interested to have this design with the concrete planning. Then, you may now enjoy this contemporary decoration with the front facade space. Therefore, you may now enjoy this contemporary design with the high protection from the sun during the hot season. Therefore, you can now enjoy this minimalist house with simple architecture with the modern touch as well.

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