Beautiful Bronte House in Australia

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Bronte House is a beautiful contemporary home design that located in Sydney, Australia. The home that was completed in 2012 was a creative project of Rolf Ockert Design, an Australian Architectural firm. The home is surrounded by the beautiful view of the ocean and the blue sky. The main architectural design idea of this home as the Architect said is “The client approached us to create house of their dreams on a site perched high over the Pacific Ocean, a home that was to make them feel like being on holiday every day. While the view was fantastic the site was very small and suffocated by overbearing neighboring dwellings. Sophisticated simplicity would be the most appropriate motto for the design of this house. Being on a very small block the client’s expectations of the generosity and design standard to be achieved required a very stringent approach. While the focus is naturally on the maximization of the enjoyment of the majestic ocean views it was the suburban context that drove most of the major design decisions: The slotted northern concrete wall, the solid southern facade, the high roof with its continuous strip of highlight windows and louvers.”

Bronte House: Feel Your Days like Holiday in there

Bronte House is composed by earthy materials. There are glass and wood material dominating the building material. The home is composed by two floors, with the lower floor providing access for master bedroom and entertaining outdoor design, like infinite pool and outdoor dining room overlooking the ocean and the upper floor providing access for additional bedroom, formal dining space, study room, and living area containing living room, kitchen, and another dining room. The kitchen and dining room has very comfortable design. The kitchen features medium size kitchen cabinet, kitchen island and kitchen table with granite countertop. The washbasin in the kitchen is equipped with water tap. Also, the kitchen is equipped with modern fireplace in one side of the wall. The home is suitable both for standard residence or holiday residence.

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