Beautiful Interior Design Models with Miniature and Accessory

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Do you have a dream to have a house with some rooms designed by beautiful interior design models? We will make your dream come true. Here, you can get the reference about beautiful rooms. These rooms are completed with miniature and accessory. They make these rooms are going to perfect. The best project as this reference is Leman Street project. Actually this project is designed by TG-STUDIO. If you interest in this house, check this one out.

See these pictures in this page. We start from the appearance of living room as first interior design models pictures. You can see the appearance of the white sofa and purple chair in this room. In the middle of them is white coffee table. They stand above the grey carpet. This room has the television. The television is putted on the white granite countertop. Anyway, there are some miniatures and accessories which are putted on the shelf above the television screen.

Now, you should see the appearance of the dining zone. This dining is part of open room. See, there are some grey chairs standing around the brown circle table. The table and chairs have black legs. They stand on the patterned carpet. Next to the dining table set is the glass table. There is beautiful miniature on this table. That is ship miniature. Anyway, from this place you can see the kitchen with three purple cafe chairs next to the cabinet.

Let’s go to the bedroom. The bedroom is designed with some furniture designs. You can see the white bed with black pillows on it. In front of the bed is green table. You can put your book in that table. Then, there are mini white desks in the right and left sides of the master bed. Anyway, there is floor mirror next to the bed. The interior design styles pictures shows some unique accessories and miniature.

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