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Located on the Yxlan island in Sweden, Sweden villa has been really fascinating. Sweden villa or Villa Wallin (that is how the Architects called it) is a masterpiece of Erik Andersson Architects. Villa Wallin design is perfect with accurate approximation in every detail. The villa has length about 18 meters, depth about 6 meters, and height about 6 meters. Villa Wallin has sloping roof design that seems like classic homes in past. The design of Villa Walin is a combination of simple exterior home design and modern interior home design.

Villa Wallin Design: Perfectly Architectural Design

Villa Wallin is located in the lush forest with some pine trees and spruces around. The Villa Wallin architectural design is so impressive. The exterior is dominated by black in contrast with the interior that is dominated by white. All windows in this villa have fa├žade windows with same appearances. It uses square form windows. All furniture in this villa use modern furniture design. The villa is composed by sitting space, sleeping space, master bathroom and sauna. The sitting space is composed by living room, dining room, and the open kitchen in one space. Even the interior is dominated by white; it also has black composition both in furniture design and in interior design. For example, the fabric sofa in the living space uses black color and the bathroom uses black interior. The bathroom uses black tile for covering every part in the bathroom from walls to floor, ceiling and the window. This villa also features outdoor plunge pool with the water heater that can be used in winter.

Villa Wallin Design: Creative Design Inspiration

Villa Wallin has creative design inspiration. The black and white composition fit with the architectural design of this villa. Do you agree with this conclusion? Please tell us about your opinion by filling the comment box below.

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