Breathtaking Fabulous Manor Design for Interior and Exterior

Amazing Manor Interior Design Ideas With Mesmerizing Colorful Living Room By Placing Cozy Sofa Armchair Unique Red Table Lamp And Funky Carpet On Wooden Floor Plus Beutiful Lighting Green Lime Painted Wall And White Ceiling

For those who love medieval castle, they would not resist to live inside living place of fabulous manor design. The building itself is very marvelous and sends out gorgeous look though. Large lake and wide grass field complete the idea of classic manor. Not only that, but colorful flower beds make wondrous meadow as well. As any people would already know, classic theme of medieval age is to use natural stones as main material.

Stone material is used for almost any surfaces, especially for exterior design. The manor then has separated castle tower, also created from stones. Stone fountain calms people with its calming water sound, as well for eye treatment as it brings green plants and blue water in one place. However, this striking fabulous manor design has very modern interior design for rooms. Start from aquatic water in swimming pool, along with white chaise lounge chairs and purple umbrellas above.

One bedroom has purple walls and white ceiling, with wooden bed couch also light green armchair. Unique table is placed in front of this area, as well brown fabric sofas and yellow pillows. In another bedroom, wooden bed stead is used. Sofas are chosen in dark purple velvet materials. And another one has in-built bathtub covered with light green color. Armchairs are chosen from teal and dark green tones. White, black, and red curtains are covering windows in chic look.

Let’s see bathroom design, which is covered with wooden panels both for part of furniture, as well flooring surface. Bathtub is installed facing white fireplace added here. Sinks are placed above wooden countertop part with its silver faucet. Rounded lampshades are hung above sinks and as side lamps. Living room then is created to meet striking fabulous manor design idea of funky theme, as well pastel colors used inside dining room to boost up people’s appetite too.

Beautiful Manor Castle Exterior Design With Wonderful Stone Fountain Its Calming Water Sound Plus Green Plants Blue Water In One Place

Amazing Manor Castle Exterior Design With Natural Stones On The Tower Building And Great View Landscape

Fabolous Manor Castle Design With Gorgeous Aquatic Water Swimming Pool Surrounding By Clear Glass As Wall And White Chaise Lounge Chairs Also Purple Umbrellas Above

Fabolous Manor Castle Interior Design With Stunning Bathroom In White And Wooden Theme On The Floor And On Furniture So Comfortable

Beautiful Manor Interior Design With Stunning Dining Room Wooden Dining Table Colorful Armchairs Wide Glass Window And Unique Rounded Lampshades Plus Beautiful Carpet And Chic Curtain

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