Cabin House Modern Architectural in the Middle of Woodsy Area

Yellow Curtain For Room Decor Minimalist Cabin Design

Have you ever imagined living in a family cabin house? If not, maybe you should know about Stacked Cabin that beautifully built in the middle of woodsy area. This house is small enough just the same with the ordinary cabin house. However, if you see the design, you will never say this house is the same with other cabin houses. The design is so simple but interesting, you can start to see the design completely.

Stacked Cabin is a three floors modern cabin house dominated in black color. The first floor is for the garage, workshop area, storage area, and washroom area. You can see the living room on the second floor. When you step inside to the second floor, you can see a comfort sofa and two black modern chairs. Right in front the sofa you can see a wooden dining table with long wooden chair and three modern chairs. On the left side of the sofa, you can see a wood burning stove to make the house keeps warm.

You can see the view around you through the glass window on the second floor. The second floor looks beautiful due to yellow curtains on the left and the right side of the room. You can find a bathroom on the left side of the sofa. There is no divider between dining room and the living room on the second floor. You can make the third floor as the bedroom. Actually, there is nothing on the third floor.

So where is the kitchen room of this house? If you open the yellow curtain on the right side of the sofa, then you can find white kitchen set. The idea of the kitchen is good because you can close the curtain if you do not have any cooking activity. Stacked Cabin is the smart cabin house idea in contemporary design.

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