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Amazing Living Room Interior Design With Brown Theme Using Wooden Decoration On The Wall And Brown Marble Floor Plus Beautiful Lamp Also Using Solid Partition Separating From Dining Area

Elegant Home Decoration with Simple Architecture

The best design of home decoration is seen in Perth, Australia in where you would be able to see the perfect residence decoration with the stunning residence style. It has the modern interior approach with the easy elegance. This building has the simple yet elegant touch in all spaces of its space. The whole interior designs are applying the minimalist style that can somehow make this place to become one…

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Beautiful Home Interior Design Ideas In White And Wooden Theme With White Wall And Ceiling Plus Laminate Floor And Extravagant Wooden Staircase Black Window Frame Recessed Lamp

Impressive Interior Design with Extravagant Use of Wooden Elements

Today we’re going to talk about apartment interior design. Living in an apartment becoming a flexible choice especially in young adult because not only the maintenance cost is fewer that actual home, they could have enough space for their own needs and practical furniture arrangement as well. Here I have some pictures that maybe could become one apartment interior design idea. A Roominaroom, a refurbishing apartment project completed by Atmos…

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Amazing Home Interior Design With Infinity Indoor Swimming Pool On Basement Surrounding By Wide Glass Door And Beautiful Decoration On The Wall Plus Granite Floor Also Classic Display Lamp

Beautiful Exotic Home with Minimalist Design

The modern design of exotic home has the minimalist approach with the detached house decoration. It is located in West London in where you would see the complete decoration with the modern and also old architecture approach. Many people are interested to enjoy this decoration since it has the new building idea design with the stunning property approach. This is one of the best decoration with the five store spaces…

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Sliding Modern Barn Door With Crocs Leather Covers For Elegant Room Decor

Modern Interior Design Models in Dark Concept

The appearance of the Residence Rotterdam in the world gives interior design models reference. A lot of people really love this residence design. KOLENIK Eco Chic design applies modern furniture designs in dark concept. This residence can be reference for modern house or modern residence. Do you want to get the reference from this residence? If yes, you can get this reference by seeing these pictures below. Hopefully, these pictures…

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Amazing Home Design With Natural Wooden Ambiance And Wide Glass Window Plus Beautiful Green Eco Friendly Garden With Stone Step

Mesmerizing Residence Design with Spacious Courtyard and Internal Garden

Heaven on earth is basically about flawless residence design with so much green surrounding, colorful floral garden and bright blue skies views. The ideal residence design has to have balance elements. It is not just about the latest trends home design and sustainable systems; it should be able to give back to the nature with practically plant green vegetation around it. Here I have an example about how heaven on…

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Amazing Contemporary Home Interior Design With Large Living Room And Simple Sofa Wooden Bench Plus Furnished Wooden Floor Also Beautiful Lighting

Stunning Contemporary Home Design Idea for Minimalist Style

Located in Thalassery, India, this contemporary home design is applied in perfect combination. It offers people with minimalist look yet still got its eye-catching effect from modern touch. Exterior part is comprised of white bricks walls in combination with gray painted bricks as well. Even tennis court was built and surrounded with green grass field. Burnt orange fences are used to separate main house area with the court itself. And…

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Amazing Architecture Of Home Exterior Design Ideas With Two Level Home And Beautiful Enviroment Plus Outdoor Swimming Pool Surrounding By Glass Partition

Gorgeous Luxurious Home Idea as Wonderful Living Experience

There is nothing more comfortable for people nowadays than spending life inside luxurious home. Furthermore, it will be lot more comfy when the home is surrounded with nature which then gives good air circulation everyone needs. Try applying this house of black paint color for both two levels. Other than green color of trees and lands, bring aquatic blue water effect in form of swimming pool bordered with gray stones….

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Beautiful White Theme Living Space Interior Design With Glass Wall Cool Lime Sofa And Tv Display Cabinet As Partition Plus Open Kitchen Classic Dining Table Also Pendant Lamp Spotlight

Adorable Compact Home with Green Wall and Modern Touch

The idea of compact home has always been the best solution to have a living space in such limited space. We all know that these days spacious landscape is so hard to find. Maybe you wanted to live in neighborhood surrounding but there’s always just a tiny space available in that area. it’s a common problem in today’s generation and that’s why people sometimes rather to choose to live in…

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Amazing Home Interior Design With White Clean Bathroom Bathtub Glass Door Wide Glass Window And Wooden Cabinet Under Washbasin Plus Wooden Door Marble Floor

Inspiring Depot Houses Brighten Up Your Life

Hey, come and have a look in to our lovely exploration about a depot house design which is located in Bantam, Connecticut, in the United States. Built in two level designs, this house is trying to bring more natural elements inside the house, and combine with modern architecture. Make sure you will check some lovely photos we uploaded below that will add more detail about this house in under this…

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Modern Home Design Ideas With Stunning Bedroom Glass Wall To See Amazing View Outside Plus Wooden Ceiling Wooden Cabinet And Table Lamp Plus Carpet On The Floor

Best Vacation House with Elegant Decoration

Nowadays, you can enjoy the elegant design of vacation house with the best architecture approach. It applies the minimalist design which has the modern approach in most of its space. Many people are interested to visit this place in the holiday moment since it has the bedroom spaces with the stunning view in the surrounding space. It becomes one of the best approach of decoration with the architecture film all…

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Enchanting Traditional Ranch House Design With Elegant Kitchen White Kitchen Island And White Table Plus Wooden Barstool

Enchanting Traditional Ranch House Idea for Living Place in County

For people who live in county area, then it is most common to live inside traditional ranch house. The overall design is actually simple and in minimalism. Different to contemporary designed house, which has flat rooftop style, and then this ranch house would have 45 degrees styled one. The color of roof tiles depends solely on exterior walls. But for some people they may choose to apply totally contrast style…

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Elegant Dining Room In Gorgeous Home Interior Design Ideas With Wooden Dining Set Unique Carpet Wooden Floor And Black Arch Lamp Plus Big Paintings On The Wall Also Warm Creme Ceiling And Display Lamp

Brilliant Modern House Design Idea for Maximum Personal Touch

Other than modern house design, people would want to get relaxation feeling from any house they live in. Therefore, it is important to build outdoor setting as people can enjoy the exquisite scenery right from their backyard. Swimming pool is one of most common ideas to serve people with calming atmosphere and thus get peaceful mind. Large swimming pool should then be combined with wooden deck area. Prepare wooden table…

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