Chic Log House Design as Comfortable Living Place

Kitchen Room In Log House Design With Modern Stove In Front Of Kitchen Cabinet And Wooden Rack To Put Spicy Glass And Frying Pan Etc

Living in this log house design is a great challenge. You will satisfy if you can live in this home. The appearance of this home is tiny. That’s why this home becomes great challenge. Do you interest in this home? Do you want to have this home? Let’s see these pictures in this page. We will give you the appearance of whole house to more information. This page gives much information about this home clearly.

Well, let’s see these pictures here. The house which is designed by Alek Lisefski is designed with oak wall, some glass windows and glass door. This home has small terrace which is designed by oak flooring. The tiny log house design ideas are applied to this home perfectly. Even though it is tiny house, but this house has fresh atmosphere, because this house is built in the middle of trees. These trees give much fresh air to this house. It makes the people who are inside the house feel comfort.

Let’s go to inside the home. See the appearance of the wall. That is combination between white wall and oak wall. This room applies oak flooring with fan. This fan makes this home has good circulation. Even, this house has good light because this house has glass windows. The sunshine can enter this house freely. See, there are wooden shelves adhering on the wall. You can put the books on these shelves. That shelf doesn’t spend much space. It is good for this home.

In the corner of the house is wooden folding table and wooden chair. Next to them is doormat and wooden wall hook. This hook keeps some clothes. Then, there is grey sofa with patterned pillows in this room. See the kitchen then. This kitchen has wooden cabinet with grey marble countertop. Move to upstairs, there is bedroom. You can see white bed with some pillows. Next to bed is open wooden cupboard. There are many brilliant log home design ideas for the project which is called Tiny Project.

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