Comfortable Home Office in West Jakarta, Indonesia

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This comfortable home office is called Split House. Envisioned by TWS & Partners, Split House combines two important aspects, the comfortable workspace and a nice house. It is really fascinating if we can feel our office becomes home. Split House has stunning exterior design which is dominated by white and it has elegant interior design which is dominated by assorted color.

Split House: The Beauty of Exterior and Interior Design

Split House façade fence is simple enough but I like the fence design. The backyard is filled with weeds and trees. There is door tempered glass that limit space between the backyard and indoor. Split House design consists of living space, family room (including master bedroom and kid’s bedroom), and master bathroom. The living space is composed by living room, dining room, and open kitchen. The living room is designed with white furniture design whereas the dining room is designed with black furniture design. The living room is also designed using transparent roof. So, it allows sunlight and fresh air to come directly on it. The master bathroom is so simple. It is dominated by grey from walls to floor. The master bathroom features closet, washbasin, and shower room with every feature is limited by tempered glass. The unique thing about this home office is the workspace. The workspace is designed like a corridor with wood wall. The wood wall is not literally meant it is a wall, but it is just wood door for covering the workspace inside. It makes no one notice about the presence of the workplace in there.

Split House: Comfortable Office & Comfortable House in One Design

Split House is worker’s dream. It is really good at combining relaxing aspect in house and serious aspect in office. Split House design is a good choice for you, if you want your office to have same sensation with your house. You can prove it by yourself with by take a look on Split House Photos below.

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