Comfortable Resort on Great Barrier Reef, Australia

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Envisioned by Chris Beckingham, this comfortable resort design has hypnotized many people. This resort has given rise to harmony, freedom, and openness for its visitor. We know that Great Barrier Reef that located on Australia has been really famous. It has beautiful landscape at all. Offering the Coral Sea wonderful view, this resort is one of the best destination for spending our holiday.

Architectural Design of Resort on Great Barrier Reef

This resort is surrounding by water everywhere. We can the beautiful sea and amazing pool design around it. I love how this resort offers a luxurious accommodation design view with just seeing its design on photos. Every space in this resort is connected with a hall that decorated by natural design. As usual, the resort is design with floor-to-ceiling windows and doors for showing how great the outdoor view. This resort is equipped with helipad for accommodating the transportation. The pool side is designed cozy with the placement of some furniture, such as zebra-patterned lounge chairs. The living room design is comfortable with placement of some fabric sofa in there. The glass sliding door decorates the living room, leaving the openness impression for the viewer.

Resort on Great Barrier Reef for Relaxing Place

If you go to Greet Barrier Reef, don’t forget to visit or stay overnight in this Great Barrier Reef Resort. I am sure your holiday will be more worthy because this resort has amazing architectural design and a wonderful view.

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