Contemporary Beach House Design in Tiburon, California

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Having residence in beautiful scenery is everyone’s dream. Surrounded by beautiful nature, we can feel more relaxed in the house. One of the beautiful house designs is the beach house that located on Tiburon, California. This Beach House design shows beauty and comfort in the beautiful scenery. The house is filled by modern architectural design and modern furniture design. The utilization of beautiful outdoor and indoor is arranged wisely. We can see this house not only offers the beauty of indoor, but it also offers beautiful outdoor.

Contemporary House Design in Tiburon: Architectural Design

The house outdoor design is used for relaxing. It is composed by kitchen set with granite countertop cover, such as kitchen cabinet and kitchen island, and cozy fabric sofa with foot bath spa. The dining space is also placed outdoor. So, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery while we have meal. This Tiburon contemporary house design is composed by five bedrooms and six bathrooms with every room serves luxurious design. The bedroom features luxurious bedding and soft single seat sofa. It also features modern fireplace, chest of drawer and wood shelf on the room corner. The bedroom is equipped with sliding door that limits space between the bedroom and balcony. The bathroom is designed simple. It has en suite shower room with glass door and simple bathroom cabinet. This house also features wine cellar that can save up to 1500 wine bottle and sauna.

Tiburon House Design: Perfectly Beautiful House

Tiburon House design is really fascinating. The Architect is very good at combining all detail aspect in this house. If you want to know more about this house, you can see at the Tiburon Contemporary House Design Photos below.

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