Contemporary Farmhouse in Switzerland

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This house is a conversion of farm house. It combines contemporary home design to the old style of farm house. The house is located on Genf, Switzerland. This house is a masterpiece of arttesa interior design. Though the exterior looks old because of agricultural impression of the past still remain, the interior design has contemporary and outstanding design.

Farmhouse in Switzerland: Architectural Design Idea

Farmhouse in Switzerland has sophisticated architectural design idea. It is composed by sitting area, sleeping area, library, living area (including open kitchen and dining room), and bathroom. The best design about this house is the front view. I like how the front view looks simple and too ordinary. The house is composed by three floors. The first floor features sitting area that has large poufs, fireplace, and dominated by wood on its hardwood flooring. The open kitchen has appealing design. I like the flooring design. It uses chessboard design for the kitchen flooring. The bedroom design uses sloping ceiling and laminate flooring. The bedroom looks minimalist instead of luxurious. It does not contain a lot of furniture. There are big size bed with soft headboard and end tables. The bathroom features en suite shower room with high quality marble for its wall cover. The corridor design was beautiful. I like how the corridor looks like night sky with the ceiling lamps looks like the stars.

Contemporary Farmhouse in Switzerland: Simple Outside, Outstanding Inside

Contemporary farmhouse in Switzerland fits for farming and ranching environment. Therefore, if you live on farming and ranching environment, we recommended you to use this home design for your comfortability.

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