Contemporary House in Croatia by 3LHD

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This contemporary house design is made by 3LHD architectural firm, a firm of Croatian. The house is named House U to emphasize how the house is designed. The house is designed with two main units that connect each other by shared terrace and pool area. House U is a 2012 project of 3LHD. The house measures 5,038 square foot. This contemporary house is located on Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Architectural Design of House U

House U is set on the top with the view of Lokrum Island and Old City whereas the lower part is set with the view of lush garden. It is designed for big family that consists of parents and their adult children with their family. Therefore, the project consists of two units. The first is two-story house for the parents. The second is two apartments for their adult children with their family. A big family house is not perfect without place for family gathering. So, this house has shared outdoor space, in the form of terrace for family gathering. Also, in form of pool that is placed in front of parent’s house. The pool is placed under terrace level so it will not block the living room view. Most of the building material is made from wooden material. It consists of hardwood flooring, natural wood pergola, and natural wood for garage door panels. The home furniture is also dominated by wooden furniture. So, it makes the house looks minimalist in color and materials.

House U for Your Own House

The architectural design idea of House U is amazing. The architects have creative way to put the room in exact size so the house has beautiful view. This house design can be example for the other modern home.

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