Contemporary minimalist house

Modern House Design Facade Design Ideas

Our first impression for this house is this house looks like house in the wonderland. The exterior home design idea is so great. The combination of dark color is beautiful. We appreciate how good the architect is. It looks simple but somehow it looks elegant. The front view serves view of white staircase that will guide us to the main door. The backyard design serves view of simple patio with its simple deck bench. The backyard is wide enough for playing place.

As we move to the living room, we can see cozy living room design. The living room has a wide window that letting the sunlight comes in. The living room is equipped with a simple fireplace. The living room is dominated by white and brown. This gives natural and simple sensation as we blend it with the appliance in this room.

Near from the living room, there is open kitchen and its dining table. The open kitchen is designed with full of white. The kitchen cabinet, kitchen island, and the kitchen wall is colored by white. If night comes, the kitchen and dining room has elegant view. The purple lamp fills the whole room with its light. The table is also filled with cutlery sets. All the combination makes this dining room looks like have romantic design.

This house has an office space. The office space has a big bookshelf with varied books inside. It also has large desk that equipped with one simple arm chair. There is an old model television that placed in front of two round poufs. The television is placed on the treasure chest. This lounge is amazing. It can breakdown viewer impression. So, sometimes we can say this room is simple but elegant and sometimes we can say this room has old and antique design.

Furthermore, this house has amazing baby nursery. This room is filled with varied toys. This room is equipped with glass door and it has small balcony outside. Overall, this house looks fantastic. It looks like dream from outside but it looks like reality from inside.

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