Contemporary Room Decorating Ideas with Cozy Atmosphere

Modern Small Kitchen Design Completed With Countertops And Kitchen Island Plus White Stool

If you want to have contemporary house, you need to apply contemporary room decorating ideas in your house. But, if you feel confuse about good contemporary ideas, you can find this ideas in this page. This time, we will give special one for you. There are some pictures of the rooms here. These rooms come from Modernite, Luxe et Elegance project. This great building is designed by Merlin Bergeron Design. You can feel cozy atmosphere in this building.

Here, the pictures of that project. See the appearance of the living room. This is simple living room but it has cozy atmosphere. The brown corner sofa is completed with some pillows. In front of the sofa is white table. There are book and flower on the table. Under the table is black carpet. This room is designed with white brick wall and white ceiling. This room applies white curtain as divider room. It is simple room from some room decorating ideas pictures in this page.

Now, enjoy the appearance of the kitchen. There are wooden cabinet in this room. The cabinet is designed with white granite countertop. Around this cabinet are white cafe chairs. The cabinet and chair stand on the white flooring. There is white cabinet and white storage next to the cabinet. There is television screen in this room. Television adheres on the wall. Under television is white shelf. It shows off the beautiful flowers. Actually, this kitchen is created near the living.

See the appearance of bedroom. This bedroom is designed with contemporary decor. You can see white bed frame in this room. The bed is designed with black velvet blanket and white pillows. In the right and left sides of this bed is white desk with table lamp. In the next bedroom decorating ideas photos, you can see there are white table and white chair as studying space.

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