Cozy Cottage Design with Natural Look

Beautiful Pine Wood Exterior Ideas For Contemporary Home Ideas

The wooden cottage design is very suitable winter season. The natural color of cottage will bring warmth inside the cottage. The cottage idea is located near Moscow, Russia. The location is snowy, with pine tree around the cottage. In such natural surroundings, the wooden cottage looks very cozy and warm as a living space. However, although the design looks classic with its wooden main material, the cottage does not leave the modern feel with its stunning interior design.

Not only in the winter, this cottage design ideas also suitable for other season because wooden material provide warmth but also coolness in the different season. From the outside, the cottage that mainly made from wood is equipped with stone wall for the fence surrounding the house. This design will prevent the cold air from the outside to enter inside. However, wooden material also will keep the humidity and prevent the hot air in the summer. There are large windows to enjoy the view of any season in the outside.

While inside the cottage, there are wooden surface all over the place. The living room is very spacious and with minimalist design. There is a comfortable sofa bed with pillow stacks on it. The pattern designed pillow looks very stunning and suitable when stacked with the pillows in the same color with sofa bed. Near the sofa bed, there is a single bed for resting with the warmth of fire place. The corner of the room is utilized with simple office area and installing an open shelves to create storage and display area.

In contrast with the classic and simple design of living room, the kitchen is designed with stylish and modern look. The interior shift is from wooden to metal and glass material. Metal cabinets and glass table with metal sink are installed in the kitchen and looks stunning combined with the wooden walls and floors. The surprising base floor provides warm fireplace and swimming pool with elegant and stunning design. In contrast with wooden walls in the upstairs, the walls in the base floor are in bright yellow color with black accent in ceiling. The cottage design ideas interior provide not only warmth, comfortable, but also a perfect blend of classic and modern design.

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