Creative Apartment Design Ideas in Spain

Simple Workspace Desk Chair Laminate Flooring Design

Long time we see many apartment design ideas that only matches for adult taste. The elegant apartment design, luxurious apartment design, minimalist apartment design are one of adult taste in apartment. Refreshing apartment design that matches for youth is very rare. Nevertheless, there is one of it in Spain. I think the Architect were so creative. I love how this apartment shows its beauty in a different way that matches for young adult taste.

Architectural Design of Creative Apartment in Spain

The apartment interior design is so simple. It does not have complicated interior design. It just has a sloping ceiling design that makes it different from the other apartment. The apartment is design with earthy color design. So, it implements ‘back to nature’ design. Few pillars decoration is placed in the middle of spaces. The laminate flooring creation is covered floor so well. The partition that confines every space has unique design idea. The partition uses blackboard design with some scratch from chalk on it. The open-plan social zone has creative design. The social zone contains many fancy furniture designs. There are fabric sofas, round coffee table, unique design of drawer, etc. This apartment has black staircase with no banister. The staircase is limited by glass partition in all around. The apartment has minimalist kitchen design with modern kitchen appliance in there. As we move to the bedroom, we can see minimalist bedroom design too. In contrast with the bedroom that has minimalist design, the bathroom has artistic design bathroom. The bathroom has en suite shower room design. If I had a bathroom like this, perhaps I might spend my time longer on bathroom.

Creative Apartment Inspiration

This creative apartment design idea is so fantastic. If you want to have apartment like this, you should find this apartment for rent or you can design your own apartment using this creative apartment inspiration.

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