Dazzling House Unification which Appear as One

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From one house and growing to combine the house next door will lead you to house unification. This is actually a perfect solution for growing family which enables them to stay where they are without looking for other area for bigger space. In Lier, Belgium you can see the House LKS project is to make two houses which located side by side into one family house without feels like it is actually two houses.

The only difference that appears is the different of house unification exterior wall color. The corner house is painted in black while the original house is color with white. The entrance applies in two sides too. If you want to come from the garage then you should enter from the white building. While if you entering from the black side of the building you will get right into the living room. The house unification ideas are such a tremendous breakthrough.

Since it is located in quite dense population, the building also cannot have openers as wide as other surrounding. But it does not mean it has to be totally closed. The rich window is appearing in the upper floor. To give nature friendly appearance you can see the back side of the house is left open and placed green plant wall. There you have small patio where you can sit around and enjoy the outdoors. Small pool is placed next to the patio. Small but it fit very well in this growing family. The folded glass door enables you to enjoy the outdoor without have to be literally outside.

The simple living room only with cozy sofa, knitted rug and simple television cabinet is quite spacious. The white interior color also gives brighter and spacious interior design impression. Although it is dominated with white color but you can see many colors in other room such as in the small home library with colorful books. The children bedroom has built in bedroom furniture and is colored with teal. Yellow minimalist bathroom look bright and fun. Surely this is a great example of house unification design ideas that fit for growing family.

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