Eco-friendly Home Design in South Dakota

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Have you ever heard ‘back to nature’ concept? This concept seems like well-known these days. Most of the material are implemented this concept. Not only the material, but also the home design. These days we can see many developers competing to build eco-friendly home design. This review will tell you a bit about one of eco-friendly home design that designed by Knowles Blunck Architecture in South Dakota.

Architectural Design of Eco-friendly Home Type

This home serves front view design with wide garden. The garden seems like fuse with the natural exterior design. We called it natural because of the exterior part of this home is dominated by wooden material and patterned concrete. The front yard design is so simple with the presence of simple patio design. The patio only contained one coffee table and a pair of chairs. As we move inside, we can see beautiful placement home design ideas. The living room decoration is well-organized. It has big size sofa and soft fur rug below it. The living room is placed near from the open kitchen. The open kitchen design is so elegant. It has big kitchen cabinet and kitchen island. Even though this home emphasizes eco-friendly concept, but the kitchen furniture design has modern design. The living room interior design is so fantastic. It was designed with earthy color all around, both in its interior or in its furniture design. The living room is also designed with many glass door and window. The breakfast nook decoration is so cozy. I love the lighting design idea of this space. The lighting is provided by cute pendant lamp that hanging on dining table. Besides, there is enough lighting from sunlight that comes in from the window. The staircase design is combined by two materials that are the material which used for exterior material. The bathroom is design simple but elegant with the utilization of classy furniture decoration.

Eco-friendly Home Design Idea for Your Home Inspiration

Overall, this home is so incredible. If you want to implement the eco-friendly concept to your own home, you should try these sustainable home design ideas. Otherwise, you can copy the exterior and interior design ideas to your home.

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