Elegant Home Architecture Styles with Unique Furniture

Elegant Home Architecture Interior Design With Simple Black Metal Hanging Lamp Make It So Lovely To See

One of many elegant home architecture styles is Lajeunesse Residence. This project is designed by Naturehumaine located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Through these pictures here, we will show you the appearances of the rooms inside the home and the appearances of floor plans. These pictures are very helpful to increase your house plan. What are you waiting for? See these pictures right now to get more information.

There are home architecture styles images here. See the appearance of the open room. There is living zone which is designed in simple concept in this house. See, the black sleeper sofa stands in this room. In front of the sofa is glass triangular table. The sofa and table stand on the white oak flooring. Next to the table and sofa is white bookcase. You can show off your book collection in that bookcase. You can also put VCD in that bookcase.

See the kitchen. This kitchen is designed with wooden cabinet. This cabinet is designed with grey countertop. There are sink and faucet in that cabinet. In the other side is white cabinet and white storage. In front of the kitchen is dining. The dining has unique furniture. There are wooden chair and wooden table in this dining. The table is created with white legs. Above the table is black tract lamp.

Then, see the bathroom. There is pretty big walk in shower in this bathroom. As usual, this space is divided by glass wall. Anyway, inside this space is designed with grey tile wall and grey tile flooring. In the outside walk in shower is blue cabinet with white countertop. There is mirror above the table. By the way, this room is designed with white ceiling and grey tile flooring. It is elegant bathroom. After seeing these house architecture styles pictures, you can get much reference about unique furniture designs to create elegant rooms.

Elegant Home Interior Design With Simple Living Room Black Cozy Sofa Glass Table And Bookcabinet As Little Library Oak Floor Plus Kitchen Also Dining Room In The Next Room

Elegant Home Architecture Design With Wooden Material On Dining Area Staircase And Floor Plus Unique Hanging Lamp

Elegant Home Architecture Interior Design With Simple Bathroom Shower Area Surrounding By Glass Partition Ceramic Tile Wall And Green Cabinet Under Washstand Plus Mirror Backsplash Also Ceiling Beam

Modern Home Architecture Design With Wooden Dining Table Wooden Bench As Dining Chair And Wooden Partition Or Banister To Separate Dining Area And Staircase Behind Plus Wooden Floor Unique Hanging Lamp

Modern Home Architecture Interior Design With Simple Staircase Wooden Banister White Metal Handrail And Glass Banister In The Middle To See Living Space In First Floor

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