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If you live in mountain or near of mountain, the first thing you must have is this elegant mountain house design. This house is suitable with the nature of mountain. As we know, the mountain ground is not flat. So it complicates the developer for building house in there. Nevertheless, this house is incredible. It still can draw oneself up in uneven ground. This house is dominated by wood for its material. So it still seems like emphasize the eco-friendly concept. Before we enter this house, we have to up the wooden staircase. The staircase has metal banister to keep it simple, but elegant impression. This house is so large. It has a wide terrace too. Besides, it has backyard fire pit that can make us stay warm if we want to enjoy the night.

First floor serves a view of social zone design, such as living room and open kitchen. There is also a standard fireplace that limited by classic brick wall. The cozy sofa and soft pouf is placed in front of the firebrick for letting the owner enjoys how warm the fireplace is. The open kitchen is equipped with big kitchen cabinet and simple kitchen island. The granite countertop is used for decorating kitchen so it will look great. Besides, the backsplash seems like it use marble for its material. The interesting stuff in this kitchen is the unique bar stool. It has unique design that will make other notice it.

The thing that makes this house look so elegant is the design of its bedroom. The bedroom is designed with simple but classy style. The bedroom has big size bed that looks very cozy and soft. The bedroom uses sliding door for linking the wide veranda and bedroom. We can enjoy the elegant bedroom on second floor. The second floor also provides a cozy lounge. The lounge is filled by cozy sofas and simple poufs. There is also a regular fireplace. Overall, this mountain house design idea emphasizes how simple mountain house is but still keeping it elegant.

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