Elegant New Furniture Designs for High Class Home

Elegant Furniture Design In Home Interior Design Ideas With Black White Kitchen Stage To Put Kitchen Sink Faucet And Beautiful Silver Lampshade Black Oak Floor Plus Mirror Home Decor On Red Wall Also Wide Glass Door

Are you looking for new furniture designs? You can find some examples of them in this page, because we provide some pictures about the elegant new interior models. These interior designs are applied into the elegant rooms. These rooms are suitable for high class home. So, it is one step closer to create high class home concept. These pictures come from Pastor Apartment. This is designed by EBANO Arquitectura de Interiores.

This is your time to see the pictures of this project. Let’s start from the living zone. There is grey corner sofa. This sofa seems so cozy. In front of the sofa is black table. They are some examples of new furniture designs 2014. Both of them stand on the grey carpet. Then, see the hallway. The right side is designed with glass door. In the left side is designed with white wall. This hallway is designed with black oak flooring. It is simple hallway with lamps on the ceiling along the hallway.

Move to the kitchen and dining then. The kitchen has cabinet which is designed with two stages. In the upper stage is red and lower stage is black. You can have a meal and drink on the red cabinet stage. Then, there are sink and faucet on the black cabinet stage. Above the cabinet is big silver lampshade. Next to the kitchen is dining. The dining is designed with white table and white chairs. The chairs are standing around the table.

How about the interior in the bathroom? Let’s see it. The bathroom is designed with white cabinet and white toilet. There are white sinks and small faucets on the cabinet. That cabinet adheres on the wall. Above the cabinet is mirror. There is walk in shower next to them. It is elegant walk in shower space. Some new furniture designs models 2014 can be found in the bathroom.

Elegant New Furniture Design In Home Interior Design Ideas With Amazing Black Stage With Kitchen Ink And Faucet Then Red Kitchen Stages Barstool Plus Big Silver Lampshade White Kitchen Cabinet White Dining Table Dining Chair

Modern Home Inerior Design With Elegant Bathroom Brown Granite On The Wall And Floor White Cabinet Under Washstand Mirror Backsplash White Closet Plus Clear Glass On Shower Area Also There Is Lamp Above The Mirror

Awesome Home Interior Design With New Furniture Design On Kitchen Cabinet Kitchen Stages And Colorful Decor On Wide Glass Door Black Oak Floor Plus Cool Lighting Also Elegant Big White Cabinet Behind

Modern Home Interior Design Ideas With Oak Floor White Wall And Interesting Mirror As Home Decor So Amazing To Put This With Other New Furniture Design

Modern Home Interior Design With Elegant Bathroom Blue Cabinet Under Washstand Mirror Backsplash Blue Ceramic Tile Wall White Closet And Brown Granite Floor Recessed Lamp Plus Clear Glass On Shower Area

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