Elegant Private Residence with Simple Details

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What is your first impression on this private residence? Surely this is close for public in the mean of secure from the passerby eyes. The house itself is surrounding by rich garden with rich vegetation. Trees and bushes are plant all over the garden. You can see the stone garden pathway lead the guests to entering the house from the garden. In one part of the garden you can feel the Zen garden ambience with the use of natural stone decor.

You will be very astonishing by the first glimpse of this private residence design. The house is built over slanted ground. This mean in one side the ground is cut off and the other side it left being slanted. So actually this is not a two story house but a three story house. Floor to ceiling glass windows is dominating the entire wall. This is lead to abundance lights entering freely inside the house. Level stairs on the front side of the house lead to the house entrance.

What charms me most is the use of natural stone wall that is use in the outside and inside this beautiful residence. You also can see the combination of natural stone and wooden plank is a great combination that is using nature element. In the entrance you will be welcoming wooden panel which actually not only wall but also hideout closet. Glass swivel door along with glass windows is place side by side in the entrance.

Now it is time to look deeper into the house. You will be wowing with the cool and elegant atmosphere in simple details that appear so clearly. In the subtle living room you can see the grey plush sofa is placed in the front of modern fireplace with beige natural stone decor. From the ceiling is hanged simple spot lights and ceiling fan. With open floor house plan surely the room looks very spacious. This private house does not only use for family and friends gathering but you also can work since there is home office available. Obviously that this private residence design decor will fill your thirst of elegant home appearance.

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