Ellis Williams Architects Transform Lymm Water Tower

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Ellis Williams Architects have transformed 130 years old water tower into contemporary home. This amazing home is located in Lymm, a village in North West England. It has 5,500 square feet and deserves award winning after it has been renovated using double height glass extension. It is also decked out in chic luxury where people can get idea of building contemporary historical house.


Russell Harris has bought the property thirteen years ago with the intention to create a minimalist modern home for family. It is creating a home for the future as well as saving the future of local landmark in Lymm. The family works with Ellis Williams Architects Studio and tirelessly deals with the negotiations and spiraling budget in order to embody the project. It needs two years of renovations, starting on June 2002 finished on summer 2004. The original building is historically valuable architecture and the renovation combines it with contemporary design. The blending between building’s traditional features with the contemporary concept creates simple and powerful detailing. It is designed by one of the leading British architects showing octagonal tower which looks traditional and original from outside but with many changes inside. The level of delineate of various spaces is arranged to change natural quality of lighting so the sun can track from one to other sides daily. The sun will seem to rise from the kitchen designed withbricks and stones, giving overview of beautiful morning while the sunset can be seen from dining room, giving romantic feeling. Color theme in the home is white, almost everything used in home is white with strong accentuates on curves and spaces.

Traditional and Modern Blend

Lymm Water Tower has been the leading icon of traditional and modern blend, showing the greatness of history in its main architecture and modern touches in many parts. The old feeling in the octagonal stone water tower house is in synergy with the comfort created by modern highest quality materials and designs used on interior. The blending appears in every part including the materials it uses.

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