Enchanting Traditional Ranch House Idea for Living Place in County

Amazing Home Interior Design With White Theme Licing Room Tradisitonal Chimney Wooden Window Frame And Grey Pattern Floor

For people who live in county area, then it is most common to live inside traditional ranch house. The overall design is actually simple and in minimalism. Different to contemporary designed house, which has flat rooftop style, and then this ranch house would have 45 degrees styled one. The color of roof tiles depends solely on exterior walls. But for some people they may choose to apply totally contrast style for color choice.

In this ranch house, there are some parts which actually may seem like different houses. First one is using red bricks walls with gray line on its side view. The other one is in white walls with gray stripped pattern, and last one has black paint color. Traditional ranch house design cannot forget glass windows as well. Even though it is not in large sized windows, but the amount is enough for ventilation to bring airy feeling inside.

To get to this ranch house, there are stone staircases. Surrounding this area is open ocean water, other than trees and green bushes. Let’s take a look at inside interior. It is in white theme, which means to use it all over the places. There is even gray fireplace with rounded pillar, and there are log supplies for additional warmth. Kitchen is very simple as white granite surface is used for countertop part above white cabinets and drawers.

Still in the open floor plan, some windows are installed with wooden frames as well. Black and white checkered carpet is rolled out in front of fireplace, along with black fabric armchair. Prepare black metal table, also with its silver ornament on top of it. Meanwhile, two wooden bar stools are added near island area in kitchen. In this trendy traditional ranch house design, white painted metal guardrails are installed upstairs next to working desk area.

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Enchanting Traditional Ranch House Design With White And Red Brick Wall On Minimalist Building In Beautiful Landscaping Around

Beautiful Traditional Ranch House Design With Grey And Black Stripes On The Wall Plus Glass Roof For Sunlight Come To The House

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