Ergonomic Home with Semi Minimalist Design Wrapped in Stone and Wood

Wood Placqued Staircase Wooden Interior Decoration Ideas

One of Efficient home design projects that we can see is Hewitt Avenue Home in Canada. This home is designed by Altius Architecture. This house is different with some houses near this house because there are green technologies that are used in small house design. This house combines stone and also wood that will create semi minimalist interior design. Wood will give warm and protection in this house. The use of decoration and also furniture make this house looks as the best green house in Toronto.

Green Technologies for Energy Saving

There are some reasons why this house is called as ergonomic home in Toronto. When we talk about green technologies, we will find some devices to save electricity. This house uses passive solar technology. The use of LED and compact fluorescent help to minimize the electricity loads. You can check the roof. The roof of this house uses green roof system too. All people inside this house will feel comfortable.That is why this house is called as energy efficient home. You can see compact interior in some rooms of this house that will make this house look sleek. This house is completed with wooden accent interior in the staircase that will add elegant atmosphere for the house. On the top level, you will find minimalist bedroom and bathroom.

Sleek and Modern Kitchen

You can see minimalist home ideas when you go to the kitchen. The kitchen will look clean with white stone on the kitchen countertop. The dining room and living room are in the lower level and near the modern kitchen. This house really gives you idea of green and clean home design. This house is not only applying energy efficient ideas but this house is minimalist house. For all of you who want to see more about green house design you better check the picture of this house.

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