Fantastic Earthy Color Design in Home

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Home decoration to our home is not difficult; you can try to use earthy color design. This color design is same with neutral color. You can decorate your house with this color and then combine with the best furniture design to make your house has more comfortable.

Earthy Color Design in Sao Paolo, Brazil

Related to this situation, to choose the best interior design in our home which has simple color design, it is not difficult. You can use earthy color design ideas. For example like in one of home residence in Sao Paolo Brazil used this color design for the interior and exterior design.

The outdoor space of this house also completed with outdoor furniture which made from wooden material to get the natural looks. In the outdoor space also has outdoor dining room and outdoor kitchen design. In this house used open floor design and the floor design used wooden material. The interior design of this house used earthy color or simple color. In the living room used sectional leather sofa and the dining room used round dining table design which used upholstered chairs design and glass design for dining table. The kitchen design used kitchen islands idea. The staircase of this house looks so stylish when using glass design and then iron for the handling. The bedroom used simple and very comfortable and the bedroom used glass sliding door for the balcony. The bathroom used modern design with using one piece shower units. In this house also completed with small office home. The kid bedroom of this house decorated with funny and cute decoration for little girl. When the night comes, this house looks so fantastic because the lighting has good enough design and the swimming pool looks so romantic.

Earthy Color Design to Looks Natural

When you want your house has natural and fresh looks maybe you can try using the earthy color. You can realize it in your interior or your exterior design to make your house looks so natural and fresh. From this earthy color design review, make your home has comfortable with this color.

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