Fascinating Home Design as Literal Image of Living on the Edge

Mesmerezing Architecture Home Design Ideas With Contemporary Living Room Bedroom And Overhanging Floor Solid Material Holder Wide Glass Windows Wooden Door Marble Wall Plus Laminate Floor Solid Banister Flat Roof And Chimney

Nowadays, home design isn’t just about a slope roof with classic concept anymore. There are numerous latest home designs that offer unique visual appeal yet optimum function and eco conscious in mind. By the rapid movement of architecture design and mixture with high creativity society, there’s basically nothing impossible including in unique home design. In some point, a home design considered unique not just because the exterior structures but also sometimes the rural landscape they’ve situated in.

Here I have some pictures of a private residence in Japan. As you can see, this is the exact image about what we’re talking previously. By located in the edge of the Yatsugatake Mountains in Nagano, Japan, the designer Kidosaki Architect Studio has successfully made fascinating private residence in rural landscape. This residence designed with horizontal structures and extravagant use of glass material in home interior to enjoy optimum mountains scenery.

The interior basically an open floor plan includes living-dining-kitchen in one spacious unitary spot with bright panoramic views spreads all over the place. With dramatic overhanging floor, this house accommodates more extravagant experience that you can’t find elsewhere with wide wooden deck, impressive panoramic views and elegant high ceilings. Guess we all now convinced that the bigger efforts needed the more amazing the finishes would look like.

With a contemporary interior concept, the residence represents their character with careful attention to detail and expressing sophisticated in whole new level. The space and adequate material selection in the main living area includes flat screen, elegant transparent table and comfy sofa provides all we need to enjoy mesmerizing mountain views from inside the house. Following the whole interior concept, the residence didn’t need extra effort to have magnificent interior because with no one can beat the panoramic mountain views. So that’s been said that the home design ideas have to be balanced inside and out so it is not going to look desperately overwhelming

Stunning Architecture Exterior Home Design Ideas With Overhanging Floor Wall Stone Basement Wooden Floor And Wooden Ceiling Wide Glass Windowplus Solid Banister

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Amazing Home Exterior Design With Overhanging Floor Steel Holder And Wall Stone Basement Plus Wooden Deck Wooden Ceiling With Flat Roof Plus Wide Glass Window

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