Futuristic Kitchen Design Idea

Unique Open Kitchen Sofa Cushion Bar Stool Ideas

This gorgeous kitchen design was made for a family in Moscow. At a gaze, the kitchen decoration looks so complicated. Nevertheless, it is unique. We can guarantee if this kitchen may be the only one kitchen that has this unique design idea. This kitchen will be too difficult to be copied. But, it is the uniqueness. The Architect was so great to have this kitchen inspiration.

Contemporary Kitchen Design: Furniture Design

This contemporary kitchen design has many appliances inside. Even though the kitchen has many appliances, but the appliance placement design is so fantastic. It can be organized well. The kitchen has simple kitchen cabinet design and elegant kitchen island design. The kitchen backsplash design idea is arranged from black marble material. In front of kitchen cabinet, there are few unique bar stools designs. Besides, there is a dining table. The dining table design is made alike with gaming table design. The dining table also has unique design that is alike with the wall design. The wooden shelf that is made for wine glass is hanging on it. The bay window is placed near from the dining table. The bay window design is so cute in contrast with the interior design that has nightclub-like view.

The Interior Design of Kitchen in Moscow

The kitchen interior design idea is so fresh. The wall design is made from two materials, a half is wooden material and a half is brick material. Geometrical mirror design that arranged looks like owl is hanging on the wall. Sometimes, it looks creepy but antique. The pergola design is arranged alike with the wall but it uses the wooden material. The lighting design for this kitchen uses beautiful neon lamp. The neon lamp design has soft pink light. That’s why this kitchen looks a little bit romantic.

Elegant Kitchen Table Wooden Wall Design Bar Stool Ideas

Unique Kitchen Wooden Wall Design Sofa Cushion Bar Stool Ideas

Modern Open Kitchen Design Wooden Wall Design

Unique Kitchen Wooden Wall Design Sofa Ideas

Elegant Open Kitchen Wooden Wall Design

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