Gorgeous Asian Kitchen with Natural Touch Element and Soothing Ambience

Awesome Modern Asian Kitchen With Sub Zero Built In Refrigeration That Mimics Bamboo Cabinetry

More and more again people are withdrawn with the appearance of Asian kitchen in their home. The lure of contemporary Asian kitchen appearance is really undeniable. One thing for sure, Asian kitchen is filled with philosophy that held high the use of natural elements especially wood to part of the design.

But nowadays Asian kitchen design is collaborating more with modern kitchen design with using the advantages of being simple and sleek appearance. In this exotic Asian kitchen you can see two natural elements that dominated the kitchen nicely. The colorful granite backsplash creates some kind of abstract paintings which looks very beautiful in your kitchen. The cabinet countertop also covered with these granite stone. To add more beautiful appearance, you can choose Japanese stool for the kitchen bar.

If you are crazy about Chinese philosophy, then you must have known about the Yin and Yang philosophy. In this contemporary Asian kitchen you will see the Yin and Yang symbol is used for the kitchen island. The round shape allows you to place drawers around the kitchen island. The Asian atmosphere also feels with the use of wooden plank floor and bamboo surface kitchen cabinet. You also can get the soothing ambience from the using of Chinese tea table in the middle of the kitchen and the Chinese painting on the kitchen wall.

Harmonizing the Asian touch with modern kitchen design is shown clearly with the wooden kitchen cabinet with metal kitchen appliances showing the sophisticated kitchen atmosphere. Of course you did not have to add fully Asian touch in the kitchen. You can simply add Asian touch by placing Asian rug on the kitchen floor, placing bamboo pots, and of course Asian stool. That will already give the modest Asian feelings throughout the kitchen. For more Asian kitchen design ideas you can browse on below photo gallery.

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