Great Living Room for Small Space to Big Place

Minimalist Small Living Room Design With Wooden Coffee Table And With Natural Colors

In the house, living room is the heart of the activity in the house. You and the entire family member and even friends usually hang out in here while enjoying the television and other entertainment. You can place the living room separated from the other room in the house or unite it with other room depending on how spacious is your house.

The most possible way of having living room design is to create a modern living room with modern furniture or contemporary furniture. The reason of using that furniture because the simple and sleek appearance makes the whole room looks clean and more spacious than before. In this collaborating of modern living room and modern dining room the furniture that is used is looking comfortable and stylish.

This stylish living room is using modern sofa with low armrest. You also can use plushy sofa bench and rattan chair on the side. In the middle of living room is placed dark wooden coffee table with shelves below it. On the living room you can find a nook and place sofa on it to allow you enjoy cozy atmosphere here. This cozy living room is created to be looking comfortable for kids too. But if you want to have trendy living room for couple you can use white sofas with ottoman coffee table. Behind the living room you can place black and white living room cabinet.

For small living room you might find a bit hard to make it look nice and roomy. But in this white living room you can use red polka dot modern sofa and white modern coffee table. To create book storage that look appealing you can choose to place open shelves and book racks on the side of the wall. For other storage needs you can choose the wheel storage which allows you to move it somewhere if you want to. You can find more living room design ideas that will match your personality in below photo gallery.

Modern Colorful Small Living Room Design With Bookshelf And With Good Colors

Modern Small Living Room Design With Silver Sofa And Great Colors

Amazing Small Living Room Design With Great Concept Design

Amazing Small Living Room Design With Great Furniture For Small Living Room

Beautiful Modern Small Living Room Design With Sofa And Fur Rug

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