High Quality Modern Home in Mexico

Amazing Living Space Design In Residece Mexico With High Ceilings And White Sofa And With Beautiful Natural Color And Amazing Decor Design For Living Room

This contemporary residence reflects high quality lifestyle for the residents. Located in Monterrey, Mexico, the residence serves an ultimate conveniece from its facade. We can feel luxury experience by just looking at the modern exterior design. According to the architects, GLR Arquitectos, the design ideas came from an ambiguos situation. As we quoted from its website,

“….. We face a dilemma: renovate or demolish such house in order to make way for a new residential project. In conjunction with the client we decide to go for the latter alternative and go ahead with the demolition, adjusting the topography according to the new scheme, which will seek to benefit from the wonderful city views.”

The beautiful outdoor landscaping perfected this fancy project. It has been inspired by neatness, durability and the contemporary character. The outdoor not only features contemplative garden, but it also features infinity pool that manipulates our eyes to think about this residence is not located in urban city. The CH House (this contemporary house name) has large park that connected visually with Country Club golf course. This is good because the greenery view serves as refreshing landscape that spoils our eyes. The main materials of this home consist of oak wood, dark exposed concrete, and black granite. This contemporary house is filled by dark exterior and dark furniture, but it is not a problem. The use of dark exterior and furniture made this home has contrast view with bright sky in sunny days.

The details inside the house also has stunning design idea. As we quoted from the GLR Arquiectos website..

“… large double height living room with a set of exposed concrete skylights becomes the heart of the project, due to the interesting effect of the controlled natural light that floods the whole area. Around such space, the bedrooms, decks, home theater, and home office complete the program.”

Amazing Lovely Relaxing Room Design In Residence Mexico With Natural Window Treatment With Natural View And Lovely White Sofa Design And With Lovely Brown Fur Rug Design And Table

Amazing Luxury Bathroom Design In Residence Mexico With Lovely Natural Colours And Beautiful Drawer With Sink And Mirror Design And With White Bathtub And Shower

Amazing Natural Dining Room In Residence Mexico With White Dining Table Design And White Chairs And With Lovely Natural View

Beautiful Elegant Living Room In Residence Mexico With Brown Sofa And Lovely Shelves Design And With Fur Rug And Lovely Elegant Furniture Design

Beautiful Modern Stairs Design And Natural Details And With Beautiful Natural Colors And Lovely Decor

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