Hoshinoya Karuizawa Traditional Hotel

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Hoshinoya Karuizawa is a beautiful traditional hotel that located in Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan. For your information, Karuizawa is popular resort in international world. The resort is surrounded by forest and mountain making the resort is in harmony with the natural environment. Each pavilion is uniquely designed to suit its location. The resort offers everything from rejuvenating bath to relaxing spa treatment.

Hoshinoya Karuizawa: Room Type

Hoshinoya Karuizawa hotel is composed by some room types. There are Mizunami, Yamaroji, and Niwaroji.
Mizunami is pavilion with terrace making the room feels close to the water. These pavilions feature riverside terraces and relaxed bedrooms and living rooms. Guests can enjoy the mists that sometimes coming out at sunrise or after rainfall. It creates a beautiful effect through the pavilion’s large windows. Mizunami measures 57-68 square meters. It can accommodate 3 until 4 people. Mizunami also presents the other room type. There is Mizunami Twin that can accommodate one couple or two people. The area measures 48-50 square meters.

Yamaroji is pavilion that located near from mountain. Yamaroji consists of three pavilion types. There are Yamaroji (1 Floor), Yamaroji Doble (1 Floor), and Yamaroji (2 Floors). Yamaroji (1F) is surrounded entirely by trees; these pavilions offer the privacy of a vacation home. The living room features floor-level sofas with leg space built into the floors and large windows as well as glass sliding doors offering view of Greenery Mountain. Yamaroji Double is right place for a couple. It features king size beds and living area with private view of the lush nature. Yamaroji (2F) is located in the elevated part of the resort village. The scenery provided by this pavilion can be enjoyed with soaking in the pavilion’s aromatic bathtub.

Niwaroji is pavilion that ideal for families and long term stay. Niwaroji consists of Niwaroji and Niwaroji Maisonette. These pavilions are more like villas. It offers wide living rooms, large bathtubs, private stream flowing in from the river, and meticulously designed courtyard. Each pavilion comes with unique features such as a fireplace or a maisonette layout.

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