Incredible Home Design in 9×9 Experimental House

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The idea of home design in this era is about consideration on giving back to nature. Nature conscious building gained high popularity among the interior designer. It’s like everyone wants to have connection with nature environment and they’re expressing it on the interior design.

Related to these pictures, here is a private residence called 9×9 Experimental House located in Gyeounggi-do, South Korea. The designer behind this lovely residence is Studio Archiholic and they’ve completed this project back then in 2013. The private residence itself structures on two levels and use fair amount of glass material for the exterior element. Being surrounded with lush green vegetation was adding more value to the dull box exterior visual appeal. In this era, there are lots of homes with rigid and dull exterior design yet have incredibly home interior.

The home interior concept which used in 9×9 Experimental Home is the modern minimalist interior design. The idea of clean aesthetic, sleek look, all-white color scheme are dominated the whole interior concept. The house itself has unique floor plan that requires inner garden in the main living space. Unlike any other modern interior, there are two trees each on the inside of glass boxes that have direct sunlight from the top of the building. Imagine when it’s rain though, it is not just about bring nature elements inside the house but they’re worked as lovely decoration as well.

What’s more interesting in this house is the idea of sliding door area. In order to maintain clean and sleek look, the house designed in certain way which is using sliding door to keep the house amenities and appliances hidden if it’s needed in that moment. For an example, if you slide one door, you can see a study corner includes wooden table with flat screen and custom built in bookshelves. These guys really dedicated to sleek look home. On the private area which is bedroom, idea of trees in vertical glass boxes is inevitable. No wonder why this modern home interior called experiment home after all.

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