Industrial Home Design: 6A Brockton House

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Modern lifestyle not only offers the luxury of modern home design, but also offers the stunning of industrial home design. The difference between modern home design and industrial home design is placed on the material they used. In this post, we will focus on the industrial home design. Industrial home design use concrete as one of the building material for the home.

The concrete material is used not only for the wall itself, but also for floor, kitchen counter, and maybe few furniture, such as the table. The concrete material is good because it is durable. If we want to take a look about industrial home, we can look at 6A Brockton House in this review.

6A Brockton House is a residence that located in Toronto, Canada. The house is designed by Elaine Cecconi. The industrial home design ideas from this residence is clearly seen from its huge facade windows that reflect the view of warehouse or factory. The combination of lines and volume led to the amazing design of industrial building. The home entry is so simple with the use of large glass door with wood frame. The interior design of industrial home is designed with use fine material and division of room that arranged based on its function. The residence adopt flexible floor plan for its home layout.

The home itself has four bedrooms, with oversize kitchen and abudant storage. With modern and spacious home layout, the home also adapt professional design in every space. The home is filled with patio on outside. The modern patio design is designed with Brazilian ipe deck and vinyl canopy for enjoying the landscape. For home interior, the designer used concrete floor for accentuating the industrial design impression. Besides, the home interior is dominated with white paint wall and white furniture with adding the touch of recessed lighting in every corner of the house.

If you are interested, go view the industrial home design pictures: 6A Brockton House below.

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