Majestic Nature House with Wooden Design

Upper Living Room With White Floor And Modern Grey Sofa Also Modern Wood Coffee Table And Green Tree Views

If the house location is around the nature environment, then the house will become the nature house. The designers from AR43 Architects have designed 21 Jervois Hill in Singapore. The designers are designed the house in a majestic shape of the house, but still using the nature elements such as woods and stones. This house is a private house and it’s surrounded by large nature environment.

Look at the picture! That is nature house design with majestic house. From the outside, we can see a big cabin house. When we come in to the house, we can see a good structure of the house. This house built from good quality of concretes with big wooden poles that supported this great house. This house is two story house with additional of a basement floor and a rooftop area. The basement floor is contains patio, dance studio, two guest rooms, two bathrooms, CD shelter, terrace planter, swimming pool bath, swimming pool, pump room, and condenser room. This floor is the basic area for basic rooms.

The first floor is the main living area. It contains one guest room with private bathroom, guest room patio, pump room, family room patio, family room, family room foyer, garden paving, driveway, garage, entry foyer, one master bedroom with private bathroom, master study room, master foyer, pond, foyer, service yard, laundry room, pantry, store, powder room, maid’s room with private bathroom, and store room.

The second level is the private area. This level contains lain entry foyer, living room, two dining rooms, balcony, wine cellar, wine bar, kitchen store, kitchen, two powder rooms, one bedroom with private bathroom, play room, and one daughter room with private bathroom. The rooftop area is like the playing area. It has garden paving, swimming pool, patio, driveway, and planter box. This house is combining luxury, modern, and contemporary designs. Each room in this house is representing the combination of three designs. The nature house concept in majestic building is a great concept for this house.

Amazing Green View And Wonderful Living Room With Modern White Living Room Sofa Also Pivot Green Glass Door Decor

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