Mesmerizing Floating Home with Pool Inside

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Nowadays floating home is not something that you rarely see. But this Jellyfish House which is located in Malaga, Spain and designed by Wiel Arets Architects offers you something different. Located right on the side of the street, this dazzling floating home is really having a charm. The floating appearance of the upper floor can see brightly.

The sliding gate allows smart room use for the garden. The car and other vehicles can directly get into the garage in the basement while if you want to go directly to the house there is slanted road that is very disable friendly. When you see the glimpse of the floating home design you can see the blue green tone is located in the upper floor which is floating. When you did not know what it is then it seems you need to look at it by yourself.

Amazingly floating side of the house is actually made for floating pool. Yes it also amaze me. The rich pool which is located in the top floor this contemporary house speaks more for leisure. You can see the bottom of the pool is made by glass which enables you to see the pool from the lower floor. The reason why the pool is located on the upper side is to make great appearance which can make you feels like swimming in the sea nearby. Below the floating pool you can see the patio with white upholstered cushion over wooden sofa.

The house architecture design itself has simple interior and exterior design. You can see that the house is built from concrete walls without plaster. The house interior design is also very simple and sleek only with glass and white curtain. In the formal dining room area you can see the elegant dining room appearance just with the use of white curtain, long rectangle wooden dining table and white acrylic chairs. It is clear that with these floating home design ideas allow you to feel free and fun.

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