Minimalist Design of Promenade House in Japan

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Japanese architecture designs are amazing. It has daring home design. Japanese Architects have many creative ways to share their design ideas into a unique, outstanding home. One of the creative home designs is Promenade House in Japan. Envisioned by Architects Kouichi Kimura, this house brings catchy style that contrast with the neighborhoods. The Promenade House has unique exterior design. It has office building design that shapes like a box. It has two sites. The first site has 35 meters deep and 4 meters wide. The second site has 2.7 meters width and 27 meters total length. The exterior design is dominated by grey and it does not have a lot of windows.

Minimalist Design Promenade House: Architectural Design

Promenade House has long terrace that can accommodate until two cars. Every space in this house is connected by stairs. So, it is reasonable if the stairs become center of the house. The corridor that connects main door and space is arranged well using concrete wall and wood flooring. The social zone (living room, dining space, and open kitchen) is designed with minimalist design. The living room has one fur pouf, concrete table, and chest of drawer. The corner of the living room is placed playing nook for children. The dining space and the kitchen have small size. The open kitchen uses concrete kitchen table for its kitchen appliance. So, it looks fit with the wall. The dining space has simple wooden table with bench. It also has pendant lamp that gives good lighting for the dining space.

Minimalist Design Promenade House for Your Home Design

If you are a minimalist design enthusiast, Promenade House is suitable for you. Promenade House is designed for someone who has simple personality. If you are interested with the Promenade House design, you can apply this minimalist design idea to your own home design.

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