Minimalist Home Design Blended with Natural Atmosphere

Glass Roof Tome Bright Interior Simple Interior Design In Natural Touch

Enjoy the time in your minimalist home design is more than enough to make you feel good. In Ha Tinh City of Vietnam, we can see a beautiful home living concept created by professional architect. Vietnam is a developing country in South East of Asia. If you know exactly about Ha Tinh City, then you will realize how comfort the house is. The house called as No47 house, and it can make you feel good when you step inside the house.

This house looks so modern but in minimalist style design. This third floors house has beautiful exterior design that can bring you a peaceful feeling. Step inside and you will be comfort with the home interior design. Minimalist home interior design is good for this house. On thing that makes you feel comfort and in this house is the indoor courtyard. The minimalist home design idea of this house shows you how great the combination between natural and modern home living concept.

When you step inside the living room, you can see a minimalist living room concept with natural atmosphere. Near the comfort sofa in the living room, you can see small outdoor space that makes the sunlight coming inside. This minimalist home concept perfectly combined with wooden flooring material. You can see wooden window for the entire rooms of this house. You also can see a spacious dining room in minimalist style with sliding glass door that makes the room looks beautiful.

However, it looks different if you step into the bathroom. Full ceramics bathroom design shows you the perfect combination between modern and natural atmosphere inside the house. The bathroom design looks minimalist but clean. The architect really wants to make his client become comfort, and that is why he makes a beautiful combination between minimalist home living concepts with natural touch.

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