Modern Home Design with Indoor Koi Pond

Beautiful Bathroom Decor With White Bathtub And Large Window With The Blind

There is a house in Cairn hill Road, Singapore, that has a beautiful modern home design. Look at how beautiful the exterior of the house which dominated with white color. This house actually is an old style house, but the professional architect redecorated it into a beautiful modern house. This house is big enough with the car garage at the first floor. If you want to get into the house, you should climb the stairs to the living room.

You will amaze when you see the living room with contemporary home interior design. There is a set of comfort sofa on the left side of the living room. The living room is big enough with the wooden panels on the ceiling. In the middle of the room, you can see modern wooden table near the comfort sofa. Behind the sofa, you can see a set of beautiful wooden dining table. There is no separation between living room and dining room. It shows you the beautiful side of modern home design ideas.

You can see indoor Koi pond near the stairs to the third floor. The Koi pond looks so beautiful due to skylight retractable glass roof. The kitchen room is located near the pond; you can find white kitchen set in contemporary design. Near the pond, you will also see a white kitchen bar.

Look at the master room that beautifully built in contemporary bedroom design. The master room dominated with white color. If you go to the bathroom inside the master bedroom, then you can see modern bathroom design with stylish bathtub. The bathtub located near the window, so you can see the view while bathing. The guest room is also looks modern with single bed size and the writing desk in front of the bed. The conclusion of this beautiful modern home concept is perfect.

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