Modern House Remodel Design with Wooden Touching

Cool Balcony With Folding Wood Windows Shutters And White Corridor

This is your chance to get the house remodel design for your house. Sometimes, we need something new to refresh our life. That’s why do remodeling for house is pretty important to refresh the house appearance. Here, you can find a reference of this remodeling. This reference comes from a project entitled Fuschia Villa. This is designed by MimA NYstudio and Real Architecture. You can get detail information about this project through these pictures below.

There are some pictures which we are talking about. The house is designed with modern concept. There is wooden touching in the wall. This house has some transparent glass windows. There is long swimming pool in beside the house. Next to the pool are white couches with purple cushion and orange and blue pillow. These couches stand on the grey stone flooring. It is cozy space to enjoy fresh air. One of best natural house remodel plans for your house.

Then, see the performance of the open room. The modern atmosphere can be felt in this room. The brown sofa and cow printed armchair stand on the white flooring. It is very clean flooring. There is black table in the middle of them. The table stands on the brown carpet. There is lamp in this room. The lamp is designed with white lampshade. See, there is dining table next to this living. Yellow chairs stand next to long oak table. There are red flowers in the table.

Let’s move to the bathroom now. This bathroom applies white color with wooden touching. White bathtub stands on the white tile flooring. Next to this bathtub is white tile wall. There are white toilet and wooden cabinet in the other side. On the cabinet, there are sinks and faucets. The appearance of modern house remodel plans ideas seems so elegant.

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