Natural Design Private Residence by DIALOG

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This private residence is named Southlands Residence. It is the project of an architectural firm named DIALOG that was completed in 2011. The builder of this home is Treeline Construction. Southlands Residence is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. The residence measures 297 square meters or equivalent with 3,200 square feet. The house is surrounded by lush trees. This makes the home looks fresh.

Southlands Residence: Convenience of living in the forest

Though Southlands Residence is surrounded by lush trees just like the forest, the home design is not old fashioned. The use of modern material, such as glass, wood, and concrete, for its building material makes this house looks modern somehow. The house is composed by two floors with the first floor serves a view of living room and the second floor serves view of bedroom and living area. The house itself uses floor-to-ceiling windows and glass sliding doors. The house is also equipped with roof terrace with glass balustrades. I love how the glass material makes the view outside is clearer from inside. The living area in second floor includes open kitchen, dining space, sitting room, and bedroom. The space between the sitting room and bedroom is only bounded by wood partition wall with modern fireplace inside the wall. The bedroom itself only features king size bed with wood headboard and end tables with table lamps on it. The second floor ceiling is built with wood ceiling in contrast with the first floor ceiling that is built with concrete ceiling.

Southlands Residence for Adventurer

If we look clearly at this private residence design, we can find how this residence fits for the adventurous soul. The complexity of the design will make the adventurer feel satisfied.

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