New Era White Home Decor with Fresh Outdoor

Modern Living Room With L Shape Sectional Sofa And Two Way Gass Fireplace

Now, we will give you the appearance of the white home decor from House R&L project. We will show you the exterior and interior house pictures from this picture. For your information, this project is designed by CKX Architecten. This great house is built in Netherlands. This page will increase your house plan through these pictures here. Let’s see these pictures right now to get more information.

Let’s see these pictures now. The house is designed with white wall and glass transparent windows. These windows are created with black window frame. Around the house are green yard and some trees. They are fresh outdoor appearance. In the terrace, there is table set. There are black chairs and table. These chairs are arranged around the table. Well, the white home decor ideas in the exterior house make this home become so wonderful.

Then, let’s go to the living. This living is designed by white sofa. The sofa stands on the black tile flooring. In front of the sofa are wooden table, fireplace and television. The fireplace is created with glass fireplace screen. The fireplace keeps warm this room. In the corner of the room is the plant on the pot. There is glass door in this room. You can go outside through pass that door. Next to the door are white pots. There are some green plants on the white pots.

Next to the living is dining table set. There are brown chairs and oak table. Above them are silver lampshades. That is nice lampshade. Next to the dining table is the kitchen. There is white cabinet which is designed by white countertop. There are sink and faucet on the cabinet. This cabinet stands on the black tile flooring. In the next pictures, you can see the floor plans of this project. After all, you have seen black white home decorating ideas which are applied in this project.

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