Private L-Shaped House Surrounded by Nature Environment

Contemporary Staircase With Floating Stairs Style With Stairs Lighting And Black Steel Handrail Plus Wooden Wall

There is a private L-shaped house called La Sentinelle, located near Lac de la Cabane Lake, Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard, Canada. This house was designed by Naturehumaine; this house offers a beautiful view from nature environment and forest around the house. The main point of this house is the unique shape, the L-shaped, and the nature environment from the house. People will get relax atmosphere if they’re living on this house.

Look at the picture! That is the L-shaped house design view from the upper site. The grey color and black color are the two main colors for the exterior design of this house. This house has stairs that will lead you straight to the second floor. This house is two story houses. The first floor is the kid’s area, and the second floor is the main living area and the master room area. That’s why the stairs in front of the house leads you to the second floor, not the first floor.

The second floor contains living room, dinner room, kitchen, and master bedroom with private bathroom. The living room, kitchen, and dining room are in the same area. The living room is a simple place with grey-black sofas and a black ladder near the door entrance. The walls and the ceilings are in white theme, while the floors are wooden floors. The dinner room is also simple wooden dining table with some white chairs. The unique black pan-shaped chandelier is the decoration for the dining room. The kitchen was right next the dining room. The kitchen is also using wooden theme with some classic chandelier that looks like candles in the glass.

The first floor contains a garage, three bedrooms for kids, and kids area. This floor is like the kids zone, since all rooms were prepared for the kids. This floor is also using the wooden theme with simple design and contemporary atmosphere. From this floor, the kids can see L-shaped house view, the nature scenery, through the windows.

Modern Hoe Living In Suburb Area With Glass Windows Surround The House And Dark Zinc Exterior Also Surround By Green Landscape

Modern Interior With Bright Natural Sun Exposure From The Glass Exterior Surround The House

Modern Wooden Like Exterior For Modern Country Home Design Cpmpleted With Extensive Glass Exterior

Wooden Deck Space And Wood Stairs Also Modern Glass Windows And Doors For Contemporary Home Design

Breezy Kitchen Area With Black Long Dining Table And White Plastic Chairs Also Modern Black Pendant Lamps Plus Wood Palette Flooring

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